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27 December 2005 @ 02:08 pm
So I'm bored here at work. Typical about this time of the day.

Tomorrow will probably be more of the same. Next week, I'll have a couple of busy days, catching up from the holiday, as well as the week after.

I'm not sure if we'll be getting a raise next year or not. The office staff here is paid quite a bit more than at the other branches. Belinda put in for a 5% raise for the new year.

After this semester, I'll have one more class to take, unless I have to retake one from last semester. I forgot my password and am not locked out from getting my grades. I'll have to call and have my account unlocked.

I'm planning on taking a vacation after I'm done with school. I need to cancel the flight I had planned for next week, and reschedule it for May. I'd like to see mayhemme again, as well as a couple of other spods in Baltimore and DC. Who knows who else I'll visit, but those are the main 3 people.

Tonight I'm going to finally set up the new computer I bought back in September. lol. It looks like it will fit on the shelves next to my desk. I'll also move the printer over next to it, to try and free up some desk space. I'll move the old tower to the other side of the desk for now. Eventually I want to get a KVM switch so I can run both of them and share the monitor, keyboard and mouse, so I can have room to run my iMac as well.

If all goes well, this Saturday morning, from 6-8am CST, DJ Raffy will make his debut on the airwaves at Tornado Radio. Woo! I just need to let leatherangel_76 know when I've got the computer set up, copy my mp3s and the music I downloaded from iTunes over to it. I'll probably also rip a CD or two each night to build my library up. I hope some of you tune in to hear me.

Well, back to work. Got about 2.5 hours left today, yet.
Lady Norbertladynorbert on December 27th, 2005 08:17 pm (UTC)
Wooo! Go DJ Raffy! *starts the official fan club*